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Alvin G Soccer

Alvin G. and Company - 1991 | View on IPDB

Only 500 Made

  • $5000(obo, trades considered)
  • $5500

Everything works and at this price it comes with two extra boards shown in photos. In addition it comes with the manual and work log. One thing to note is the topper is working and all there with the exception of one of the marquees that lights up. A green peice of wood is in it's place and most people never notice. I have always just faced the lighted side towards the "audience". New legs installed.

From IPDB: This is a head-to-head game where two players at opposite ends of the playfield compete in simultaneous play. Each player has flipper buttons which control only those flippers facing the opponent.

This game has patented "switch-flippers". Each flipper has a wireform switch attached to it which closes when the ball hits the flipper. The switch performs different functions for single-player versus head-to-head games. During head-to-head games, the switches are used to instruct the "Designated Scoring" system to award all playfield scoring to the player whose flipper last touched the ball. During single-player games, the switches are made active only on the opponent's flippers, and a ball striking those flippers causes them to energize and "Auto-flip" the ball back towards the player.

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