If you wish to make an offer that is lower than the asking price please consider checking the game out in person first. Sunday is a great day to get deals throughout TPF land. We will have all of the games in or near our booth. All games are attending the show on freeplay and cannot be removed until Sunday, No exceptions! We want everyone to enjoy these games all weekend.

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Stern - 1979 | View on IPDB

  • $1500

Fully working and bullet proofed Sten Meteor. Player one display has modern replacement. Touchups done here and there to make a very nice step above the typical players machine. Not an over the top restore, check with us next year for that meteor! This one has leds and a new MPU. Note the coin door, lockbar reciever (under lockdown bar), and legs have been painted. The coin door has a new sticker applied. We think it all looks nice but something to note. Bullet proofed and touched up by local legend and champion pinball player Keri Wing.

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